Skincare 101: Finding Your Skin Type

Skincare 101: Finding Your Skin Type | Dream & Scheme

Look at your skin closely. Do you see cracking and redness? Shininess and pimples? Fine lines and dark spots? These are the characteristics of your skin type and the problems you should be targeting.

I’m going to show you how to figure out your skin type, skin concerns, and how to create your own unique skincare routine.


The basic routine should include a cleanser, moisturizer, and one treatment product.

Always choose nourishing products that don’t strip your skin.

I recommend the YÜLI Halcyon Cleanser. This is a product I keep coming back to. It’s gentle yet does an amazing job at cleaning. This brand is a great example of the purity, quality, and efficacy of natural beauty.

A good basic moisturizer would be the Organic Day Cremè by Dr. Alkaitis-another one of my favorite brands. It’s lightweight while still being very hydrating. As for the treatment product, this depends on your skin type and individual concerns.


Dry Skin

This skin type is usually characterized by flaking and sometimes blotchiness.

My recommendation is facial oils. If your skin is dry, it’s lacking in your skin’s natural oil production.

Sometimes this can cause your skin to look dull. To brighten it up, try using a gentle exfoliator (emphasis on gentle.) Some great DIYs include using sugar and honey, oatmeal, or baking soda.

Oily Skin

If this is your skin type, than you will look at it very differently than dry skin. It means you tend to have an overproduction of oil.

However, what people often do is they try to remove all of the skin’s natural oils. This  makes the skin want to re-compensate for the loss and actually produce more oil.

Instead, try removing the excess amount without stripping your skin completely.

Also, your skin type doesn’t mean you should shy away from oil-based products. In fact, they can be quite beneficial. Check out my post on the oil cleansing method.

Combination Skin

If you’re like me, and your skin fall into more than one category, you have combination skin.

Whether it’s Dry/Combination, Oily/Combination, or Normal/Combination, they are still considered the same general skin type. For me, I’m Normal/Combination.

I tend to be problematic in the T-Zone, but am mostly balanced everywhere else. For this type, choose a routine that is gentle, and targets your subcategory: dry, oily, or normal.



Try finding products with anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, cucumber, or chamomile. One good product I find works well for this is the Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel.


Try facial oils and concentrated serums. They are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and other potent ingredients. These help to reverse signs of aging while also preventing them.

They also help to brighten, smooth, tone, and protect the skin. Many conventional products do more harm than good, so always look at the ingredients.

Did you know 90% of visible aging or premature aging is caused by sun damage? So make sure to find a good sunscreen.


Dun, dun, dun. Acne is something I’ve struggled with for awhile. But, as I’ve gained more understanding of what it is and how to treat it, my skin has become much more balanced. Keep an eye out for a new post on this topic!

What’s your skin type? Do you like to constantly change up the products in your routine, or tend to stick to those that work for you?


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