Weekly Wrap-Up: New Series


Some bright flowers spotted at a farmer’s market.

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope July has been a great month for everyone. It’s certainly been a busy one for me, which is good because that means I have a lot of dreams and schemes planned (excuse the pun.)

Speaking of which, I will be introducing a plethora of new series on my blog. The first off which is called Pinteract. Basically, how it works is that I will choose one of my Pinterest boards and feature the most pinned image from it to do a post on. This time it’ll be “Beauty Tips“. So, if there’s a look on my Pinterest you want me to feature, go check it out and pin away!

Another blog series I’ll be starting is called One Ingredient Wonders. I’ve always been one to look at the details, I notice the components and how they function on their own, and how they come together with many parts to create a whole. I find this makes me dissect ingredient labels on beauty products. So I came up with the idea of taking one ingredient, and showing different uses and benefits of it!

Keep an eye out for all these exciting updates (and more)!

Dream & Scheme


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