Green Beauty Scene: New Releases #2

Ilia Beauty Back to Life Lip Gloss

Ilia is one of my ultimate favorite natural beauty brands, especially when it comes to lip products.

I have been plenty impressed by their Lipstick Crayon (my favorite is the fun punch that Karma Chameleon brings) and this limited edition gloss  is in the on-trend, Pantone Color of the Year-Radiant Orchid!

100% Pure Creamy Long Last Liner

100% Pure is one of my favorite brands of all time. They have been some of the most consistent, pure, and beautiful products I’ve tried. I’m hoping that this eye pencil will go the distance as well!

This exciting new release comes in three variations: blackest, gleaming pewter, and dark cacao. Which do you want to try?

Vered Organic Botanicals Blue Violet

Jasmine is a well-known aphrodisiac, while violet carries beautiful, sweet floral nuances. Together, they provide a unique fragrance that is sultry, velvety, and oh so chic.

The Lash Project Gluten Free Lash Conditioning Mascara

Red Apple Lipstick is best known for there, well, lipsticks. They are just as good as conventional counterparts and I’ve been craving the Hibiskiss, Rebel!, Reddy or Not, and Coral Crush shades. If the same kind of awesomeness is in their mascara, this will easily become my go-to.

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