Think Again: First Impressions

Think Again-Daily Prompt
Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?

 Within a split second of meeting someone, we have made a first impression. In as little time as it takes to blink, we have already created who that person is in our minds.

It’s human nature. A skill that was once useful at a time when our main goal was survival. However, now it has played into serious cases of bullying, stereotypes, and discrimination.

I once met a girl
With long, blonde hair
The color of wheat
Under a golden summer sun.
With big blue eyes
That looked to be a reflection of the sky.
With long, thick lashes
That framed those eyes.
With a splattering of freckles
Across her nose.
She was pretty and witty,
And popular for sure.
She was slight and graceful,
And perfectly demure.

But behind the visage,
And poised little ways,
Lay something more tainted,
A thing that passed all the cliches.

Twisted and dark,
Lay the path in her heart.
Shattered and broken,
Lay words that were unspoken.

4 thoughts on “Think Again: First Impressions

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