Weekly Wrap-Up: Links To Love

My favorite posts from fellow bloggers this week…

7 Funny Greeting Cards That Say It Better Than Us @ Refinery29
These are hilarious! I have a friend who would love the first one.

Refrigerator Look Book: Mike Del Ponte @ Well+Good NYC
How awesome would it be to work here? If only more companies were like this. And Well+Good recently launched their LA branch for those So-Cal beauties.

Emma’s 5 Secrets to Success @ A BEAUTIFUL MESS
These are less like secrets and more like outlines. They give you the heading and it’s up to you to fill it in.

A Blog Story Part I @ vmac+cheese
I am a daily reader of Victoria’s blog and I loved this post. She really is just so relatable and fun to read. However, her blog is now joining her company, Vivaleur, to become Victoria McGinley Studio + Blog.

Rahua vs Yarok @ Rainbow Feet
Two clean brands go head-to-head on this Brit blogger’s fun post.

Image Courtesy: Rainbow Feet

My favorite pins of this week…


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