Weekly Wrap-Up: Forgiveness


Sometimes it feels like it’s easier to start over, than to confront your past. This is the way I felt today when reflecting on my life. I am stubborn. There I admit that I can hold grudges for far too long. And, in the past it has led me to lose some valuable friendships.

Holding this resentment won’t make you or the other person any better off. Think about it rationally, why are you upset? Is it worth it to hold a grudge if I’m only hurting the other person? Or, is this something you’ll regret later? The latter question is one I try to ask myself in every situation. In this case, it can make you think past any anger to see the conflict clearly for what it is.

In life, I’ve found one of the best ways to live a happier, more full life is forgiveness.

To surround yourself with many supportive and wonderful people, you must be able to reciprocate the kindness they’ve given you.

Instead, of holding them up to these standards of perfection. If this person is someone you truly care about, and vice versa, than forgiving their little mistakes will help make both of you more content.

Life is like sewing. And for those of you scratching your heads, let me explain. Each stitch you make is like each step you take in life. And sometimes, you’ll make some knotted stitches, maybe without realizing. But once you do notice them, everything you’ve done past it has been for naught. You must go back to the place the mistake started, and undo all of it.

But some might just keep going forward instead, ignoring the presence of this issue, willing it to disappear.

But no matter if you pretend it isn’t, it remains present, behind each new step you take.

Then yet again others will try to start all over. Giving them validation for their actions by saying, ‘they’ve changed’. But the thing that hasn’t is their animus faults.

So today I challenge you to forgive someone who’s wronged you. You don’t necessarily need to give them your trust, but let them no longer feel your rancor or animosty.

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