Green Beauty Scene: New Fall 2014 Releases

Hope all you have been doing well and making your marks on the world! I’ve been busy working with new people and starting different projects (can’t say anything yet though) and it’s all been going great.

I thought I’d share with you some product launches that I am very excited about. It seems natural beauty is finally starting to keep up with trendy colors and products as the green movement catches fire. So, without further ado, the Fall 2014 new releases!

Photo Courtesy: W3LL PEOPLE

W3LL People ‘Bio‘ Line

So far, they’ve released a lip gloss, bronzer, mascara (which is my current favorite), and brightening powder and stick in this collection. All of these were mentioned on this post by Jade when she got her makeup done by the brand’s co-founder and they seem simply amazing! Stay tuned for more exciting developments.

Photo Courtesy: Alima Pure

Alima Pure “By Night” Collection

Five limited edition eyeshadows in beautiful, golden-tinged shades that are unique, stunning, and sure to make you look fabulous. This brand has impressed me numerous times and I have truly fallen in love with their pigmentation and color selection.

Photo Courtesy: The Chalkboard

La Bella Figura “More Than Makeup” Collection

These products are marketed as being nourishing for the skin, while also giving you beautiful color. I hope this is true and has just as great performance as their coveted skincare line. I am especially looking forward to try their highlighter and coquette lip color with a creamy formula.

Photo Courtesy: Tata Harper

Tata Harper has some flattering lip and cheek tints in store for us coming soon! These are so drop dead gorgeous and you can get all this awesomeness packaging into three fun shades.

Update: It is now available!

What do you think of these exciting releases? Also, be sure to also check out the new RMS Beauty “wearable brights” collection for those still clinging to the brighter shades of summer.

Ciao for now!



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