Weekly Wrap-Up: Je Ne Sais Quoi

Weekly Wrap-Up: Je Ne Sais Quoi | Dream & Scheme

Je ne sais quoi is a French saying and means a certain something. It’s used to describe a thing that has an indescribable quality or an undefinable, elusive air of something more. It’s intangible and magical, coveted and a quality unsaid. And like many other French sayings, you can find it emblazoned upon tops, aprons, sites, and prints.

When I was pondering on the last time I found an adequate situation in which to use this, I was reminded of a fashion designer’s studio tour. A true visionary who dedicates a large amount of time, passion, and ingenuity to create a masterpiece. Pleasing to our sensory interpretations, especially aesthetically. I recall the memory of each intricate stitch, labored detail, and perfected quality; all for the desire to create a piece that can simply be admired with having a certain je ne sais quoi.

Favorite reads of this week…

Photo Courtesy: A Beautiful Mess

My Favorite No-Bake Cookies @ A Beautiful Mess
I’ll admit it, I can be lazy. So that’s why I’m in love with these simple and easy cookies that’ll cut the time and effort it takes to make. That way, I can have more time to work on this blog and read insightful articles. But mostly I’ll spend it watching too much Modern Family and throwback episodes of The Wonder Years (does anyone still think of Kevin and Winnie?).

Ask Emily: Starting a Business @ Cupcakes and Cashmere
From a blogger I respect and enjoy reading, this advice is very helpful and relatable. She gives her own view on what it’s like to just be starting out. I just hope that as D&S continues to grow, I’ll be able to write content that remains true to who I am, even if that person changes over time, I want to still be blogging out of the pure passion for it.

Photo Courtesy: Life in Blush

my signature summer look {tag!} @ Life in Blush
A gorgeous, subtly defining makeup look from Sonja, who is fast becoming one of my favorite green beauty bloggers. She writes genuine posts that truly reflect her personality and I’ve been delighted to have found her blog.

Photo Courtesy: Well+Good

Recipe: Berry Detox Smoothie @ Well+Good
I’m always up for trying a good smoothie recipe, and this is next on my must try list. Antioxidant and mineral-rich berries and raw honey make sure this is a sweet treat that’ll leave you feeling great.

Photo Courtesy: Design Sponge

11 App Obsessions @ Design Sponge
They create consistent, quality, and relevant posts that give wisdom into the blogging and design industries. I’ve found this blog useful and loaded with great advice that has helped me tremendously starting out. Plus, these apps are so fun and unique!

Photo Coutesy: A CUP OF JO

A handy guide to essential oils @ A CUP OF JO
As a natural beauty blogger, I love a good DIY and stock up on oils. This is a good introduction to the wonderful world of essential oils for recent converts, or as a refresher for more seasoned green beauties. What’s your favorite essential oil? As of late, I’ve found the scent of jasmine to be simply divine. And peppermint has been utilized in many ways, in medications and DIY concoctions, to yummy homemade mints.

Favorite pins of this week…

I am also looking forward to when this inspiring movie about female entrepreneurs comes out. It’s about time they made one! And, stay tuned for some sneak peeks into my recent special projects.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Don’t forget to keep dreaming, and find your strength to succeed.


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