LWN #5

Love It!

Alima Pure in Breathless

The Alima Pure “By Night” collection (also mentioned in this post) is absolutely stunning with gorgeously pigmented and shimmery shades that add mystery and intrigue to any look. Not only that, but this trendy new launch is representative of how far clean beauty has come!

Want It!

How gorgeous is this black leather bucket bag? I’ve been meaning to find one of this style but I tend to be very specific when it comes to bigger buys like this. I want to invest in quality products that I know I’ll be able to use many times and that are timeless, like these wardrobe essentials.

Need It!

This time around I need something from all of you! In a post I mentioned a while back, I said that I would be starting a series called Pinteract. Basically, I’ll feature a post on one of my pins from the featured board of the month. To partake, just re-pin the pin you most want to see shown on a post from my board, Beauty Tips.

Good luck!

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