Weekly Wrap-Up: My Blog Roll + 20 Questions


I thought I’d share with you some of the bloggers that I enjoy reading daily. They motivate me with their wit, charm, and fresh posts. I hope that you will love them as much as I do!

I was inspired to write this Weekly Wrap-Up around other great bloggers thanks to a post by She’s So Eco and one from Style Scrapbook talking about how bloggers shouldn’t be so competitive and cutthroat, we should appreciate and support each other so as to better the blogging community as a whole.

For the first time, being a blogger is being seen as a legitimate job and as pioneers in this new industry, we have the power to shape it’s direction. So let’s try to change the bad rep about blogger relationships!

 My Blog Roll

Beauty by Britanie
Call it Vanity
Genuine Glow
Life in Blush
No More Dirty Looks
Peace on the Skin & Peace Within
Plein Vanity
Seed to Serum
The Wanderlusting Beauty

Damsel in Dior
Style Scrapbook
The Blonde Salad
Wendy’s Lookbook
Who What Wear

a pair & a spare

A Beautiful Mess
Cupcakes and Cashmere
Victoria McGinley | Blog

Joy the Baker
World of Wanderlust

20 Questions

I’m starting a new series called 20 Questions, where I interview knowledgeable and inspiring women (including some of the bloggers above). I hope that you find it fun and inspiring!

Favorite pins of this week…

Favorite quote of this week…

Sometimes we need to remember to see the world for what is good and pure. Always appreciate what you’ve been given and wake up each day with positivity and an open mind.

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