Quick Tip: In Deep

I’ve been enjoying clear skin for a while now. However, I recently splurged and indulged myself with too many sugary and fatty foods while in vacation.

After that, I developed a nasty, “submarine” pimples. Those are the terrible ones that are deep under the skin and refuse to pull up to the surface.

They take forever and no treatment seems to work. Here are my tips for speeding up the recovery time.

1. The Heat
Put a hot compress or warm washcloth over it. This will help to soften the skin around it, hopefully encouraging the pimple to come up to the surface. I also recommend trying a hot tea bag as well.

2. Can’t Touch This
No matter what you do, do NOT touch, prod, or squeeze the pimple! This will make it much worse and lead to scarring.

3. The Waiting Game
Patience is key when it comes to blemishes, you need to give your skin time to heal.

When the blemish finally gets to the point where you can treat it, I reccomend these products. Also, make sure to eat clean (outer beauty starts from within), stop stressing, and stay fabulous!


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