Hairspiration: Rich Browns + Sòmbre


Hairspiration: Rich Browns + Sòmbre

I’ve been thinking about a change…in my hair color. Currently it is a very deep brown with neutral undertones. I want to make it more of a chocolate brown (maybe golden?) with possibly some honey-hued, subtle balayage highlights (to create a sòmbre, or softened òmbre, look). I think that the lightened ends will add dimensional interest and movement to my hair while the richness of the base will warmthen my complexion and create a beautiful, glossy shine.

I know many associate this hair trend more with summer, as it can replicate natural sun-kissed highlights, but I think a more nuanced version is perfect year-round sheerly based on how complimentary it is. I also like the appeal of it’s low maintenance approach as I won’t have to be concerned with constantly updating the color, it’ll blend seamlessly together over time.

What fall hair color are you thinking of trying? A radiant red or platinum blonde more suited for you? Tell me in the comments below and check out more hair ideas on my Hairspiration Pinterest Board.


One thought on “Hairspiration: Rich Browns + Sòmbre

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