LWN #6

Love It!

I love the classic beauty look, with winged liner, strong eyebrows, and luscious lips. There is just something so timeless and elegant about it, and the beautiful women that have made this look their own. Plus, I’ve found it to be universally flattering!

Want It!

Am I not the only one craving one of these gorgeous lip crayons? Since I heard about this brand, I’ve been wanting to try their super freakin’ cool lip lab!

Need It! 


As the weather is starting to cool down (even in sunny California), my skin starts to become parched, like the forgotten plants on my windowsill.

But unlike those hydrangeas, I will do something about my dry skin, I find my relief in balms!

I rely on these cure-all, versatile suckers to nourish and heal my skin with an abudance of powerhouse ingredients.

What have you been loving, lusting, and just plain adoring?

P.S. I’ll try and make a habit of watering my flowers around the house. There is hope yet!


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