Green Beauty Scene: W3LL People, Pai, & Tata Harper

The best green beauty celebration, next to A Night For Green Beauty, is set for October 6-8. So mark your calendars for this year’s W3LL PEOPLE Supernatural Sessions Green Beauty Party in Austin, Texas.

It’s free for all those who want to attend, but make sure to RSVP. Not only will beauty brands like One Love Organics and Osmia Organics be there (and, of course, W3LL PEOPLE), but you’ll also get an inside look at the innovations in sustainability in all fields from renewable energy and technology, to design and food systems. Will you be going?

Next up on the list of announcements is the newest launches by Pai Skincare: two targeted serums, one meant for red and irrated skin, and the other for treating blemishes.

And, for a limited time you can recieve a free Anywhere Essentials Travel Kit with a purchase of one of the new serums. This amazing deal ends next Friday, October 3rd, so you better get a move on it!

Snatch up an exclusive sample size of one of Tata Harper‘s two new cleansers! The Nourishing Oil Cleanser does exactly as the name entails: keeps skin nourished and supple. This luxurious, golden oil will help to dissolve dirt, debris, and leftover makeup, easily. Leaving your skin never stripped and feeling like silk. Use the code NOURISH with any order over $50.

The Purifying Cleanser is targeted for problematic skin types (guilty as charged) and reaches deep down to remove stubborn impurities meaning your skin will be clean, happy, and blemish-free. It’s also described as having a cooling, refreshing, and slightly tingling sensation-aah! Use the code PURIFY with any order over $50.

Also, check out this post by Refinery29 featuring the dedicated process that goes into making Tata Harper’s gorgeous products.


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