20 Questions with Jade Huang


Say hello to Jade of Nephriticus. She is so relatable and I adore her. So of course I had a great time when she agreed to chat with me in an honest, fun game of 20 Questions.

Behind the name…
Nephriticus comes from lapis nephriticus, from whence nephrite is derived–a mineral species of Jade. Nice to meet you.

1. If you had to choose one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Me. (I know, incredibly clever and all-encompassing.)

2. How would you define the word ‘perfect’?

The technical perfectionist in me would say 100% accuracy (piano-wise: 100% notes complying with 100% of markings in the score), but having realized that life is more than doing everything 100% (besides, piano is more than getting all the notes and markings).

“Perfect” to me means the best you can do. Given that you’ve given it your all with the circumstances. Something like that.

3. What is your biggest beauty tip?

Be informed. Make informed decisions about what you’re putting on your skin.

4. What made you decide to go green?

I’ve had acne on-and-off since middle school, and during my first year of college, a slight increase in monetary freedom coupled with a curious mind led me to experiment with the idea of green beauty “curing” my acne.

5.What has been the hardest part about making the switch?

Actually, making the switch, I believe, has made my life so much easier. While it is kind of sad that the green beauty space is smaller than conventional beauty, I welcome the limited choice.

I feel very empowered as a consumer knowing/attempting to know what is in my products and making informed decisions. I get excited about products not because they are a box of powders that are rainbow-colored that are going to illuminate your face with a slapped-on luxury label, but because their ingredients and team-members make me drool/fall over in awe.

6. What have you learned through the process?

I’ve learned so much about my skin and how to listen to my skin. For example, it sometimes chokes on coconut oil, it absolutely loves eating up facial oils that are not coconut oil, when it’s feeling dry it loves a spritz of toner, and so on.

7. What are some of your favorite green beauty finds?

Facial oils and cleansers. I was an oil-free gal in my past life–NEVER AGAIN. Facial oils are amazing. They can have super short ingredient lists (take MUN for example) or pretty complex ones; check out the breakfast bowl that is YÜLI M.E. Skin Fuel. (See her review.) Also there are so many unique and amazing green cleansers, like YÜLI’s Halcyon Cleanser and de Mamiel’s cleansing balm.

8. What was the hardest product to replace?

Nothing actually…you’d be surprised how much green beauty can offer. Also, I hadn’t gotten too into beauty in general before going hardcore green, so I wasn’t particularly invested in any brands (though my skincare routine was pretty much all Philosophy–blech).

9. How has this journey changed your overall health?

Becoming obsessed with green beauty, skincare and makeup-wise, has led me to evaluate my general state of health. Especially since I’m out of the dorms and cooking, I am now obsessed with vegetables and smoothies and juices and whole foods and I just love feeding my body wonderful things. I haven’t been sick for a whole year (knock on wood), I’ve been more attentive to what makes my body energetic and what sends it straight into slumber–I love it.

10. How would you recommend getting started to non-toxic newbies?

Get informed. Read books like No More Dirty Looks and the plethora of green beauty blogs that are out there. Don’t freak out like I did. Check out your local Whole Foods for some easily accessible options, or the beautiful, wonderfully curated thing that is Spirit Beauty Lounge. Start the renovation of your routine with whatever you want–with what covers the most surface area (body stuff) to your mug to whatever excites you, I suppose.

11. What is your favorite ingredient?

Hard question…how about favorite ingredient group: oils from fruits/vegetables. Like blueberry oil and broccoli seed oil. I can’t say them without actually salivating.

12. What is a quote you live by?

YOLO! Just kidding. Nothing in particular. How about “chill out and kick butt“?

13. If you could only leave the house with one product, what would it be?

Face mist! There is too much air-conditioning/heating/sun somewhere and my face will eventually get thirsty (slash I don’t mind the aromatherapeutic benefits).

14. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Working in the computer science industry but also licensed as an esthetician and occasionally performing/teaching piano

OR owning a juice/green beauty store and managing a green beauty-related app with a piano inside.

OR ask me again in 10 years ;D

15. What is one piece of advice you’d tell your 13-year old self?

Your butt looks great in those pants. Chill out. Also, stop picking your pimples and read up on ingredients. Do NOT put benzoyl peroxide all over your face.

16. If you were able to read minds, would you? Why or why not?

So tempting to say yes, but no. Mystery keeps life exciting, right?

17. What is the last thing you Googled?

I’m taking a break from programming homework so it was: unix pipe contents of txt file

18. What is the most difficult part about blogging?

I wish I could blog more often and keep a regular schedule, but it’s not going to happen in the very near future because of school.

19. What is your favorite part about it?

I am so grateful for all the people I have met and the products/brands I have found through blogging. There are so many nice and curious and like-minded and innovative people in green beauty land, and the ones I met at ANFGB, I loved even more having met them in person.

20. How do you stay positive?

Every now and then I tell myself to chill out and not to worry (“Don’t worry…be happy”).

Thanks Jade for sharing your humorous take on 20 Questions! What was your favorite question and response from the interview?


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