Weekly Wrap-Up: How I Find My Inspiration

strawberry sorbet + cookies all day

strawberry sorbet + cookies all day

I am often asked how I find my inspiration. But the truth is, it usually finds me. When I was younger, my teacher used to have the class practice using their train of consciousness. That’s where we started thinking about anything, and connect it to other ideas. And, we just kept going from there. We did it every morning, and I guess the lesson just stuck.

It has helped me to take many ideas and memories and piece them together in new and inventive ways. It’s also the spontaneity of the moment, I’ll often let myself just write freely, without any plans whatsoever. This freedom and flexibility allows me to be in my element, and unearth my creativity.


1. Get caught on the web.
I love browsing on Pinterest for ideas on everything from fashion and beauty, to home decor and travel. I can spend hours staring at the beautiful photography and some serious dress envy.

2. Play with color.
There are countless studies on how color affects your mood and can even inspire creativity! So break out the calming blues and evocative reds and, ahem…let it go.

3. Find your passion.
You have to feel committed to what you’re doing so try and find a message or art form that resonates with you. Really connecting with your project on an emotional level will help to get your creative juices flowing.

4. Just do it.
I’m not a Nike ad, but they might just have the right idea. Stop worrying about the “what ifs” and just go for it! You’re never going to get anywhere until you take that first step. And maybe that step might be a bit off path, but you’ll find your way around. You just have to keep moving!

5. Change of pace.
Do something out of the ordinary from your usual routine. Be spontaneous and don’t be afraid to take a risk. It can be anything from taking a solo trip (travel helps inspire creativity as well), or trying a bolder lip color.

6. Jam it out.
Music has a direct link to creativity and enhancing your cognitive ability, specifically complex, classical tunes. And, music also releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical part of your internal reward system that is activated after completing a task you’ve found enjoyable or satisfying.

My favorite D&S reads of September…

(There’s a lot!)

My favorite reads of this week…

thursday’s thoughts (64) @ life in blush
The lovely Sonja (who btw, will be featured here on D&S a couple weeks from now) shares her thoughts and insights on what its like to be faced with self-doubt and dealing with other people trying to bring you down, something we can all relate too. But the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

6 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself Daily @ Inc.
Reminders to keep yourself focused, productive, and on point. These are the questions I ask myself when in doubt or faced with a decision. Or, just day to day to keep myself in check and to be more aware of where I am and who I am.

“Hello, Stranger!” @ A Cup Of Jo
A refreshing look at daily interactions with the strangers that surround us. How often do you make an effort to be friendly and cordial to those you just met? How did the term ‘stranger’ get coined?

Your Instagram Is About To Become A Must-Follow @ Refinery29
I love photography and found these tips to be helpful for my blog. What are some of your favorite tricks when it comes to snapping pics? I also like Sarita’s similar post.

My favorite pins of this week…

I’m definitely loving this druzzy DIY kit + gold geometric dishes in a giveaway from I Spy DIY and Darby Smart. Do any of you want to see more DIYs on this blog? Let me know down below.

Also, check out my post on the color of fall and a candid interview with fellow blogger, Jade of Nephriticus.

I’m also happy to announce that I am now a Lucky Contributor! (Some of you may have already noticed the newly added badges of honor on this site.) That means you can find some of my posts over here as well as on D&S. Make sure to like, read, and share all the content over there. That rhymed! Also, I’m freaking out, I can’t believe I already got to a 100 votes. You guys are absolutely amazing! 🙂

Stay strong. Stay fierce. Stay beautiful.


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