Weekly Wrap-Up: Are We There Yet?

Remember my LA travel post when I mentioned constantly needling my Dad on long car trips. I would always keep on asking, “Are we there yet?”. As if I willed it to be true hard enough, it would happen. Well, I find myself asking this question again at the end of October, in eighty degree Fahrenheit weather. Autumn, are we there yet? It sure doesn’t feel like it over here. I still can get away with wearing worn-in cutoffs and flowy tanks.

Oh, how I envy those bundled up in their charming camel coats and cashmere scarfs, sipping on hot chocolate and soul-healing soups.

And while the weather is warm and the sun is shining, I’ve grown a bit tired of all it. As I wrote a little while back, fall is my favorite season; a chance to start anew with a sense of profound alertness and energy. I savor these contemplative moments with rich leaves crunching underneath my feet.

And now I realize I’ve rambled on for far too long, complaining and ranting when I’m usually preaching to appreciate all that is good in our lives. And so now, I’ll write an early Thanksgiving list of what I am most grateful for:

  1. Waking up each day surrounded by people I love.
    There is nothing more comforting than the knowledge that you are cared for by amazingly loyal people that have seen you even at the lowest points. I know I can always count on the familiar faces that fill my life.

  2. Good health and hearty meals.
    I feel absolutely blessed for my strong immune system and feeling of being balanced internally. I will also try to not take for granted the food before me each and every day.

  3. Blogging
    How could I ever not include this? I am so grateful for the opportunities presented from Dream & Scheme and to have a creative outlet where I can write about matters and topics close to my heart. And, not only that, but to share it with people who’ll find meaning and connect with it.

Favorite reads of this week…

Photo Courtesy: A Beautiful Mess

Ghost Lollipop Bouquet @ A Beautiful Mess
How adorable are these? And perfect for a Halloween treat.

Balms Vs. Creams⎯The Experts Weigh In, Part I @ Peace On The Skin & Peace Within
Another great, informative post by Sarita, who I had the pleasure of interviewing.

Recipe: Kale Noodle Bowl with Avocado Miso Dressing @ Well + Good
Definitely wanting to give this a try! I love me some noodles and pair with it with superhero superfood kale, it’s a recipe for success.

15 Fun Ways To Get The Creative Juices Flowing @ Refinery29
Great ideas elaborating on my post about how I find my inspiration.

Favorite pins of this week…

Some serious home inspiration. Bright, modern, and clean.

The color palette is so stunning. I’m definitely getting some inspiration for my next art piece.

Loving camel coats.

I absolutely adore that dress!

Thinking of creating a fashion watercolor of this one. The composition is so beautiful with the lines, color choice, and balance of texture and minimalism.

Put a bow on it.

I am coveting this outfit, look at the pretty collar embellishment + those ankle tie heels are so my style, simple elegance.

Another post by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Damsel in Dior. Gray, white, and black are basic colors you can always rely on.

Gorgeous movement of the skirt. Dior does it right.

Favorite find of this week…

I was recently introduced to this brand from a fellow blogger and am hoping to try out the acne products and the Body Nutritive Serum. Have you tried this brand? What products are you all interested in?

Did you see my recent post on what you really need to do to pave the way towards clear skin? Also, my birthday just passed! Check out my wishlist for products I’ve been coveting.

Stay strong. Stay fierce. Stay beautiful.

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