Weekly Wrap-Up: Appreciation of Fashion

Fashion has often been described as being an art form, where one can express their beliefs and preferences by playing around with colors, textures, and patterns.

I most definitely agree with this, and as an artistic soul, I convey my creativity in many forms. Also, with the recent passing of the legendary fashion designer, Oscar de La Renta, I thought I’d focus this Weekly Wrap-Up post on the appreciation of fashion.

Favorite D&S posts of this month…

Favorite reads of this week…

Photo Courtesy: Design Sponge

Photo Courtesy: Design Sponge

A Day In The Life of Lela Rose @ Design Sponge
Check out fashion designer Lela Rose’s daily routine. Her designs are colorful and feminine. Gorg sketches and how adorable is her dog?

The Slow Fashion Movement @ Not Just A Label
In the modern world, we are so focused on instant gratification. Whether that’s with constant social media updates, fast food, apps, and that also includes fashion. The slow fashion movement is focusing on bringing the industry back to the values that matter; dedication, quality, diversity, and creativity.

Why Can’t a Smart Woman Love Fashion? @ Elle
It’s so true that in Western society, having a passion towards fashion and beauty is seen as vain, materialistic, and fashion.

Favorite pins of this week…

Elie Saab is one of my dress favorite designers, evident from my many pins (here, here, here, and here) of his stunning, feminine designs.

So many shades of pink in one bouquet.

Leather jacket + white, drop-waist dress

Vera Wang is the queen of bridal gowns. As if there was any more needed proof, here it is.

Speaking of fashion, for my Halloween costume this year, I made my own interpretation of the stunning Rodarte collaboration dress from The Black Swan. Definitely one of my most memorable and satisfactory Halloween DIYs.

I also followed up with a post featuring the makeup tutorial, another eye-catching visual masterpiece from the film.


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