Weekly Wrap-Up: Carpe Diem

Carpe diem is Latin for seize the day. And it sums up one of the best productivity tips ever: take each opportunity you’ve been given. Use the 24 hours you have to create, live, learn, and love. Do well and inspire, do good and create change. Each day is a new hope, a dream for something more. Make that dream the truth.

Favorite posts of this week…

Photo Courtesy: Trouvé Magazine

Why Pictures Matter @ Trouvé Magazine
This was an inspiring read. It is so true that pictures can evoke emotions and memories, both good and bad, and often something in the middle. As a blogger and hobbyist photographer, I am always snapping pictures and looking at the world as if it were through a lens. As a perfectionist, the charm of candid shots don’t always live up to the vision in my head. But, it never will. No matter how I primp and stage the shot, the true beauty is in its authenticity.

What You Might Not Know About Gwenyth, Blake, and Emma @ The Distillerist
Great post discussing the nature of talented actresses promoting their own businesses and supporting artisan companies. A side affect and responsibility of fame is having a voice, one you can abuse or inspire with. Many have admirably chosen to bring awarenesses to causes. One of the most refreshing articles I’ve read in a while.

Favorite pins of this week…

Also, I had the chance to interview the lovely blogger, Liz the Green Spirit and be featured on No More Dirty Looks! All in the same week.

Stay strong. Stay fierce. Stay beautiful.


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