Weekly Wrap-Up: Frost & Snowy Evenings

When I was in second grade, I had a teacher who would recite us poetry. Often, her favorite choice was to pull out a well-worn and well-loved collection of Robert Frost’s work. Each page a different shade of tired yellow, marked with scrawling cursive in the margins, and folds along the words so sacred to her.

This particular poem is one she was particularly fond of. Entitled, “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”, it was not out of the ordinary to have lengthy discussions on its meanings and interpretations.

This teacher was one of those that you instantly connect with and feel that they are uplifting and inspiring you. Like they are giving you a key and a peek into the doorknob to a world just beneath your grasp. They want to help get you there.

She was what kindled my imagination and how I became involved in writing. She really taught me to explore my creativity. I am so thankful for all that she has taught me, and to all the many other teacher’s who have guided, enlightened, and dealt with me. (I was a very…stubborn headstrong child.)

Favorite posts of this week…

Photo Courtesy: wellmeaningbeing

I am a walking contradiction @ wellmeaningbeing
How often have you felt or thought one way, but then acted upon it completely different? We all have good intentions and mean well, but in the end, we are still trying to figure out who we are.

Will Toxic Ingredients in Beauty Products Kill You? @ Peace On The Skin & Peace Within
Another insightful post by fellow blogger, Sarita Coren, discussing one of the most popular questions in the green beauty community.

Here’s my response: Toxic ingredients can also lead to many other problems besides deadly diseases as well that can be sustained throughout your whole life and even be passed on to your children. They also pollute the environment in the process. And the truth is, toxic chemicals haven’t been long around to decipher all of their long-term effects.

DIY LACE UP BALLET FLATS @ a pair & a spare
I am a fan of ballet flats, DIYs, and have an affinity towards lace-up shoes. Hence, I am thoroughly obsessed with this crafty fashion project I am hoping to tackle next week.

Favorite pins of this week…

I tend to reach for deep, rich burgundy and reds during the fall and winter.

How darling would it be eating this delicious chocolatiness while watching Home Alone?

Bridal details:lace, elegant folds, and a dainty bow.

I’m feeling inspired by this abstract art piece. The colors are muted, yet contrasting. Pink, blue, + geometric shapes.

Again with my color scheme for fall. I like the look of this picture as well.

Romantic and whimsical. I adore this!

I really like how the focus is solely on the petals, and the rest is left in a sort of golden blur. Also, the light streaming through the flower is so idyllic.

How bright and playful is this? I am definitely feeling inspired.

I admire how this captures all the detail and fragile beauty.

We all see the same sun
Rise and set
Around the world each day
Starts life anew
Nothing gold can stay.

This month has been going by in a blur! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving next week and getting the chance to spend time with my family. What are you thankful for? 

And, did you guys get the chance to check out some exciting holiday headlines and news in the green beauty community! I also wrote a food for thought piece about taking advantage of every opportunity we’ve been given.

I recently a handy site called Giftry, just in time for the holidays as well! Basically, you can create “giftries” where you compile different gift ideas for anyone like your family and friends, or even an old, favorite teacher of your’s.

And, now to December 1, they are holding a generous giveaway! Here’s why it’s great:
1. Giftry will purchase three winners’ giftry lists up to a value of $1000 (1st place), $250 (2nd place), & $100 (3rd place).
2. Your giftries can consist of as many gifts as you want.


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