Weekly Wrap-Up: Expectations

Weekly Wrap-Up: Expectations

I have a confession. I am sometimes too optimistic. And if you are one of those who say we can never be too optimistic, there’s something to consider.

When you expect everyday to be glorious and filled with wonder, when you always imagine the best possible scenario…what happens when it doesn’t work out that way?

By setting your expectations way too high, you’re also setting up yourself for a possibility of major dissapointment. That’s not to say you should completely let go of a positive mindset, it just means you should be more open to go with the flow and accept what happens without any pre-conceived notions. Just let yourself be in the moment.

Favorite reads of this week…

Photo Courtesy: Bored Panda

These Are Not Photos! Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Finger Drawings To Raise Climate Change Awareness @ Bored Panda
These are absolutely breathtaking, surreal, and incredibly realistic. And, they were created to bring attention to the importance of water conservation. Truly inspiring.

Real Life: On Instagram @ Victoria McGinley | Blog
Sometimes we just need a reminder to not compare ourselves to this veneer of perfection that social media presents. A great food for thought piece than can be further explored with the question, How is social media influencing our culture, philosophies, and confidence?

Favorite pins of this week…

Favorite video of this week…

Anna Akana is a Youtuber, musician, actress, director, producer, writer, and basically creator. I can definitely relate to wanting to take on 20 different tasks, a real Renaissance woman. However, do you want to be very good at a bunch of arbitrary skills, or great at a select few? I’m still trying to find my focus, but it’s important to keep it in mind.

And check out my interview with Nic, astrology-obsessed beauty blogger of OrgaNic Obsessions.

Thks week I also wrote about feminism. When I was younger, I was taught it was about individuals who believed woman were superior and acted like men. Now with this cause coming to light, I realize how misconstrued these concepts were (and still are).

Stay strong. Stay beautiful. Stay fierce.

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