The Seed To Serum Shop

Photo Courtesy: Seed to Serum

I was so pumped when fellow green beauty blogger, Pemberly Jones, opened an online shop and now, the lovely Megan (yes, we are name twinning) is joining the game.

I’ve always enjoyed looking towards her blog for brand introductions. She has an eye for picking out those rare gems that have a focus on quality and efficacy. Many have reached HG status for me.

I was fortunate to have the chance interview her about this exciting step.

#1. What do you think is going to change the most in your life?

A significant difference from blogging to owning a small business is learning time management!

From fielding customer emails to social media, I know that I will be insanely busy. Busy in an amazing way though.

It has been a fascinating, challenging, and inspiring journey thus far, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

#2. What was the biggest surprise about the process?

Honestly, the biggest surprise about bringing Seed to Serum to life has been how much I have enjoyed almost every aspect of the process.

You constantly hear entrepreneurs say that starting a business is a lot of work and that the key is to never stop hustling. And I completely agree.

BUT what they don’t mention is how incredibly soul-satisfying the work is and the sheer amount of enjoyment that it brings to your life.

#3. Can you give any insight on what your readers can expect?

There is so much in store for Seed to Serum – more spectacular lines, more videos, and most importantly, more blogging! With a few surprises along the way of course! I’m getting almost giddy thinking about it!

#4. What were some of the things you had to include when you started planning?

My main focuses when planning were thoughtful content and fantastic lines. I know that green beauty is still in its infancy and I want to make it accessible to everyone.

Seeing row after row of products can be overwhelming so I included a section on common skin concerns and the basics of caring for your skin.


Additionally, I am only carrying lines that I am 100% obsessed with so that I can feel good about recommending every single product!

#5. How do you think owning a business will affect your blogging?

I fully plan to continue actively blogging. There is nothing more disappointing than an online store with a lackluster blog. However, I think the content will shift slightly.

Rather than simply posting product reviews, I plan to incorporate more explanatory-type posts that explore products a little more in depth.

Additionally, I will pull from the archives of my old blog to satisfy those who miss it!

Thanks again Megan for answering some of my questions! I wish you the best of luck with your journey and buisness.

Make sure to check out her amazing shop that carries brands such as Province Apothecary, de Mamiel, Laurel Whole Plant Organics, One Love Organics, R.L. Linden, Odacité, and many more.


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