Weekly Wrap-Up: Back To December

Is it just me, or do the holidays seem to come at you in a rush? These past few weeks have been jam-packed (back to feeling overwhelmed) and it seems that each time I cross something off my to-do list, ten things get added on.

In an effort to gain an anchor in this chaotic storm of events, emotions, and everything else, I’ve been trying the following:

1. Deep breathes.
Yes, I’m going back to the Kindergarten technique because it works. Everytime I feel anxious, I’ll stop, close my eyes, and remember to breathe.

2. Meditate.
Lately, I’ve been embracing this practice right before bed. It helps to center me and improves my overall mental alertness and clarity. Despite my orginal skepticism, I definitely have been feeling calmer and with a more constant energy level.

3. Shake It Off.
Yes, I have two Taylor Swift references in this post, but I think she’s got it right in this respect. You can’t always control what happens, and when things go awry, you’ve just got to…shake it off. This next year I hope to be more accepting of every opportunity.

4. Impromptu Dance Parties.
I love music, whether it’s listening to it, making it, or dancing to it! Sometimes, I just take a break to let myself dance. Doesn’t matter if I feel silly at first, it just instantly makes me feel more relaxed and happier.

Favorite pins of this week…

My next DIY project. I’ve definitely been liking geometric shapes.

I love how elegant this packaging is and the touches of gold.

This is my dream vacation.

A child at heart.

Impromptu dance party as referenced above.

What a great gift idea!

Gorgeous purple, pink, and peachy hues.

Aren’t cherry blossoms beautiful?

This week, I shared some of my favorite gift sets and also had the chance to talk to Megan from Seed to Serum, where she dished on the details of her new shop.

And, exciting news: I’m nearing my 100th post! I want to do something a little more special. What do you guys think?

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you get to spend this time with your loved ones.


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