Weekly Wrap-Up: After The Rain

…comes a rainbow.

I saw this beautiful streak of light against a dreary day. A faint, fleeting, yet incredible sight. I often have wondered where there is so much mysticism around rainbows (and what’s on the other side..I’m sorry, I had to.)

When it comes down to it, rainbows are actually quite simple, you can even make one at home. They are simply just the refraction and dispersion of light. However, maybe that’s what makes them so special; that something ordinary and preceded by gloom can become something so infinitely wonderful.

Favorite D&S posts of this month…

It’s the last Weekly Wrap-Up of December.



Favorite pins of this week…

This week, I interviewed Ru from Short, Small, & Sweet. I also shared some new releases that I’m excited to try.

Stay strong. Stay fierce. Stay beautiful.

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