14 Favorite Posts of 2014: Beauty


Skin Smarts | Dream & Scheme

Skin Smarts
I give you the lowdown on what ingredients to avoid, astonishing facts about the beauty industry, and how to be skin smart.

Favorite quote: Look at the label and do your research. If you don’t recognize an ingredient, look up what it does, how it may affect you, and any health concerns associated with it. Being healthy, starts with being skin smart.

The Oil Cleansing Method | Dream & Scheme

The Oil Cleansing Method
An interesting method for all skin types. I give you the full look at how, why, and if it works (spoiler: It works brilliantly).

Favorite quote: Think of it this way: one of the most basic principals of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” The best way to dissolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition-other oils.

Skincare 101: Finding Your Skin Type | Are you using the right products for your skin?Skincare 101: Finding Your Skin Type
In which I go into detail dissecting different skin types and how to treat them properly.

Favorite quote: Always choose nourishing products that don’t strip your skin.

Greenwashing: The Dirty Side of Clean Beauty
What is greenwashing? Find out what it means and how it can affect you.

Favorite quote: If a product says it’s natural, isn’t it? The truth is, many of these terms have no legal definition. The FDA requires no actual evidence or conditions for companies to make these claims.

Photo Courtesy: Plein Vanity

Simple Pimple Solutions
I share some of my favorite products for acneic skin and some helpful tips to keep skin clear. Remember, your skin is a reflection of your internal health.

Favorite quote: Acne has been a frequent guest of mine and one that I’ve become all too familiar with. And so, I’ve compiled some of my best remedies and treatments to bust those blemishes away…

…A healing, pure roll-on treatment that effectively vanquishes the enemy-without leaving any battle scars.

One Ingredient Wonders: Sweet as Honey
Honey is not only great with a cup of tea, it is also incredibly beneficial for the skin. Expect to see more One Ingredient Wonders type of posts soon!

Favorite quote: September is National Honey Month and so, in honor I have compiled some of the best beauty products and DIYs containing honey.

Weekly Wrap-Up: My Autumnal Wishlist
A lovely foundation from Gressa Skin, Osmia Organic’s nourishing body oil, and some other gorgeous picks.

Favorite quote: Remember a little while back when I mentioned this product? Well the love affair continues as I’ve still been courting this beautiful foundation with skin enhancing benefits.

The Way I See It: In Pursuit of Clear Skin
Here, I open up about how to really achieve clear skin and be more confident in your own skin.

Favorite quote: As a beauty blogger, I am often asked what the ‘secret’ to getting radiant, clear skin is. But the truth is, there is no amazing, rare ingredient or super-hero product that will instantly give you the skin of your dreams. There are however, simple changes you can make to your routine and lifestyle to pave the way to healthier, more clear skin.

The Black Swan Makeup
For Halloween, I decided I wanted to dress up as The Black Swan inspired by the movie of the same name. Here, I shared you how to re-create the intricate makeup look worn by Natalie Portman. I also shared my tutorial for the costume.

Favorite quote: Every part of the design was purposely done just so to mimick the swan and the dark transformation of the character.

This makeup look is graceful, yet haunting. Perfect for Halloween and fitting for the movie’s theme.

#Obsessed Beauty Finds
As you can probably tell, I always have an abundance of products that I want to try. Here, I share some of them from Leahlani Skincare, Odacité, de Mamiel, and more.

Favorite quote: A mask as covetable as its name, this treat contains ingredients like sea buckthorn and luminous algae, which help to treat premature aging, acne, redness, uneven skin tone, and dryness. Basically, this is a mask that’ll work well for anyone.

Green Beauty Scene: Holiday Headlines
I share some of the exciting holiday news and insight into the future expansion of the green beauty community.

Favorite quote: Many see this as a foothold in the conventional side of beauty for the green community. One that could be the first step to bringing awareness to what this cause is…Let’s all dream of the day that cleaner alternatives will become more ubiquitous on our store shelves!

Thursday Thoughts: In My Own Skin
I discuss the objectification of woman and how we should not be so reliant on makeup to validate our appearance.

Favorite quote: On a day to day basis, the amount of makeup I wear is minimal. Like a mascara and tinted lip balm kind of deal. This is because a.) I need my sleep and b.) I want to be able to be comfortable in my skin. I want to be able to feel beautiful sans foundation and blush, simply with my own natural features.

The Seed To Serum Shop
I had the chance to interview Megan from Seed to Serum about what it’s like to start your own buisness and her philosophies on green beauty.

Favorite quote: You constantly hear entrepreneurs say that starting a business is a lot of work and that the key is to never stop hustling. And I completely agree.

BUT what they don’t mention is how incredibly soul-satisfying the work is and the sheer amount of enjoyment that it brings to your life.

Thank you so much for a wonderful year! What were your favorite beauty posts on Dream & Scheme from 2014?

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