14 Favorite Posts of 2014: Journal



17 Quotes To Living Life More Fully
Words of wisdoms and mantras to keep in mind. I hope that these can inspire you to keep dreaming, achieving, and succeeding.

Think Again: First Impressions
For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I enjoy writing poetry and more food-for-thought pieces, not just about beauty. This was my response to a writing prompt about false assumptions.

Favorite quote: Within a split second of meeting someone, we have made a first impression. In as little time as it takes to blink, we have already created who that person is in our minds.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Forgiveness | Dream & Scheme

Weekly Wrap-Up: Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a virtue often forgotten, but it in one of the most importance. Sometimes, it’s best just to be more acceptant and open-minded. The quote I chose is only from the introduction, not from the actual poem.

Favorite quote: Holding this resentment won’t make you or the other person any better off. Think about it rationally, why are you upset? Is it worth it to hold a grudge if I’m only hurting the other person? Or, is this something you’ll regret later?

Weekly Wrap-Up: Falling Into Autumn

Favorite quote: As the weather turns cool, and the leaves turn rich, my world becomes quiet.serene.contemplative. Now is the time of melancholy, where I reflect and reminiscence in the moments of the past year, while preparing for the following to come. My mood mirrors that of the elements that so characterize this season; calm and reserved in demeanor with a crisp air about it.

LA-Bound: The Journey
Earlier this year, during the summer, I traveled to LA. Of course, I blogged about my trip.

Here, I share some pictures I snapped on my phone while on the road; the scenery was magnificent with sparkling lake views framed by gently sloping hills. I also spent this time reflecting on the journey and being in the moment.

Favorite quote: And, while there is nothing wrong with wanting efficiency, sometimes you should stop and really be present in the moment of where you are and who you are. Try and focus on your surroundings, take a chance to really enjoy the path you take. Who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised and notice new details you’ve never seen before.

LA-Bound: Universally Acknowledged
Where I parody Pride & Prejudice (I wish I had done so more eloquently though as this is one of my all-time favorite reads) and visit Universal Studios for the first time.

I love how the pictures turned out. The quality was amazing, especially considering I was using my new smartphone (fun fact: most of the photos on this blog are taken by me on my smartphone and are unretouched.) on this blog are that I had just gotten before the trip.

Favorite quote: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single blogger in possession of a camera will take lots of pictures. (And that’s exactly what I did at my visit to Universal Studios.)

My Blog Roll + 20 Questions

Weekly Wrap-Up: My Blog Roll + 20 Questions
Where I discuss the nature and assumptions that come with blogger relationships and share my list of bloggers I admire.

Favorite quote: For the first time, being a blogger is being seen as a legitimate job and as pioneers in this new industry, we have the power to shape it’s direction.

Thursday Thoughts: Who Am I?
Where I ramble on about self-identity and self-actualization. I present my questions about a living a life with purpose and direction and compile some of my winding thoughts.

Favorite quote: It is a curious idea, that we have such diversity present in our culture yet we still struggle with finding our own individual person.

(Though, basically the whole entire post is one verbose quote.)

Oh, Tina Fey. How I would react too if I were sitting next to Oprah. (Maybe less subtlety though.) #girlcrushes

Weekly Wrap-Up: Work In Progress
A post surrounding empowerment and how imperfections are not weaknesses.

Favorite quote: We all are works in progress, striving for perfection in an imperfect world.

Weekly Wrap-Up: How I Find My Inspiration
Okay, I like reading over this post because it brings me back to the moment when I wrote it. I was in a very good mood that whole week, and with all those positive vibes flowing and dopamine being released, I ended up posting pictures of: cookies with sorbet, color bombs, and Taylor Swift as a ballerina in her ” Shake It Off” music video.

Favorite quote: You have to feel committed to what you’re doing so try and find a message or art form that resonates with you. Really connecting with your project on an emotional level will help to get your creative juices flowing.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Wise Words
I was inspired by this quote from Nelson Mandela (bows down), to write a rather spontaneous poem (though, it seems that’s how I create everything) about choices and motivation. I think of this as advice I’d want to give to my future children.

Favorite quote: May your choices be defined by acts of perserverance and bravery in these moments.
May you always keep a hopeful mindset and let your dreams be your motivation, in place of worries and frets.

This is only the first stanza of the poem.

Every Opportunity
Here, I talk about your identity and why negativity shouldn’t be looked at so negatively, and my personal battle with it. Every moment in life is an opportunity.

Favorite quote: I started to embrace all that comes with life, instead of complaining about how I wished it would be…yes there’ll be ups and downs, middle grounds, and a whole lot of confusion. But, I know that it is temporary and I am the one to choose how it affects me.

Feminism: 1 Word, A Million Different Meanings
When I say meanings, I really mean interpretations…misinterpretations. Here, I give you the four-one-one on what it really is and isn’t.

Favorite quote: Let’s set the record straight: being a feminist is NOT synonymous with being a man-hating person who doesn’t shave their legs. You won’t believe how many times I’ve heard this…

…In the end, for me it is about recognizing all people as equals-no matter their gender, race, social status, or any other thing we too often base our judgement on.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Expectations
We too often establish this perfect ideal of what each day and our life will be like…and we come to expect too much.

Favorite quote: By setting your expectations way too high, you’re also setting up yourself for a possibility of major dissapointment.

I didn’t want to give too much of the post away, so if you want to find out my advice about being a realistic optimist, read on. This was definitely one of the most relevant “advice” posts for me.


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