Weekly Wrap-Up: I’ll Do It Later

…is what I often tell myself. Whether it be chores, writing a blog post, or anything else, I end up procrastinating by following into the deadly habit of brushing it aside and then forgetting.

Here are a few tips for staying on-task and being more productive:

1. The “5 Minutes or Less” Trick
If you have more minor chores around your house thar you never get to, this one’s for you. If you can complete a task in 5 minutes or less, finish it right on the spot. Chances are, it’ll take less time and effort than you think once you actually start.

2. Change your mindset.

In this case, it really is mind over matter. It’s all about establishing and enforcing good habits like waking up early and improving time management.

3. Prioritize.
This is a tried and true method: make a to-do list. I used to dismiss this idea but lately, I’ve discovered I truly underestimated its power. It’s used so often because it works.

Having all the tasks you need to complete, based on order of importance, in one spot helps you to clearly see what you need to get done. And you can more easily begin creating your action plan.

4. Organize.

I find that when my work area and notes are organized, I function better. Like they say, ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’. I feel like it is easier for me to focus and I am overall more efficient.

I hope that you found some of these tips useful! This year, I am intent on improving my productivity.

Favorite posts of this week…

See Peace @ Eight + Wild
I’ve been deep in exploration of this blog lately and this post was the first one I read on it. I love how insightful and cerebrial reading Tina’s words feels. She has brought some interesting novel and spiritual perspective on many different matters and has sparked my curiousity.

This particular post discusses finding peace with negativity. I agree, there is a natural duality in nature. I try to find a balance and never ignore each side, it’s best to see things for what they really are. But it’s also your choice of how you let it define you.

I’ve talked about similar matter here and here.

Blog Like Nobody’s Reading @ Fragmented Splendour
A great reminder for all bloggers about staying true to your own voice and interests.

When I first starting blogging, the novelty and sense of adventure was what motivated me. Lately, that focus has started shifting towards my readers, which isn’t a bad thing. I should just keep in mind what gives me a sense of fulfillment when it comes to blogging.

Favorite pins of this week…

This week I shared an efficent, four-product makeup routine that you can do in under five minutes. Thanks for all the great feedback! I also compiled some of the new releases that I am most excited to try.

Challenge yourself everyday to be the best you can be. Love who you are and the impact you are making.


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