Picture Perfect: The Retouch or Rethink Debate

Lately, there’s been heated discussions on the ethicality of companies and bloggers retouching photos.

I think there is definitely a fine line between giving a picture a more polished look and altering a person into Barbie-like standards.

There are arguments that any altering is harmful and leads to these unobtainable ideals of what beauty is. I’ve also written an article similar to how this issue as a whole has affected me.

There is plenty of debate and controversy surrounding retouching photos, and I definitely can understand both sides of the coin. I’ve felt tempted to click on the Patch Tool and appear to have clear skin, but I’m always hesitant to.

Either way, people will judge you. Whether it’s based on your body type, skin blemishes, or because you’ve altered yourself. People will find error in anything we do. I’ve come to accept this and also change my focus from doing things to please others to doing what I love for myself.

This concept of self-love has been expressed more in modern times it seems, and has led to a change in the way we perceive beauty. We have opened up and have come to embrace people of all races and shapes.

Truth: I use photo editing software to fix issues with lighting and some stray hairs, but I try to avoid manipulating my skin and body. I want transparency to always be a value on my blog. The main reason I don’t often use pictures of myself isn’t because of a lack of confidence, but for privacy reasons.

I think it’s important not to be retouching photos out of insecurity, but for the overall finished look of the picture. In the end, there really is no “wrong” side per say, just wrong reasons and reactions to it all.

What do you think? Is retouching something that should be addressed?


5 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: The Retouch or Rethink Debate

  1. For me, a lot comes down to context. I very much see blogging as a more “real” alternative to traditional media like magazines and ads, so I prefer to read blogs that keep retouching to a minimum. It kind of amazes me to see bloggers reviewing things like foundation with obviously retouched skin. I’d love to see a shift towards less retouching in more traditional media too!

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  2. great post, i don’t use a retouching program for my picture because i’ m to dummy for understand this (or take time to do that) but i’m totally disagree with magazine and media using this for retouching the body of model .. we send a wrong message to women! xx

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