Weekly Wrap-Up: It Must Have Been Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up! I thought I’d share with you something interesting. In English, there is no real way to express different types of love. Sure we can describe how intense it is, but we don’t have specific ways to say love between spouses, between parent and child, between friends, and so on. With no single word to differentiate these relationships, it falls under the general category of love.

In Greek, they have four main loves. These include Agápe, brotherly love or charity, Éros, which depicts “intimate love”, Philia which is an affectionate regard between equals (such as friends), and Storge, a love felt between parent and child.

So, my question is, if there were ways to describe different types of love in English, what would they be and what would they represent?

Favorite posts of this week…

Shape Art | Geometry 1 + 2 @ Cocorrina
How gorgeous are this golden, geometric designs?

Quick Makeup Tips For Life On The Go @ Peace On The Skin & Peace Within
Sarita shares some lovely product recommendations and tips for busy bees and wanderlusting beauties alike.

Home Ec: How to Keep A Clean Home @ Design*Sponge
A super helpful visual that I’ll definitely be posting up on my fridge. This is great for those who need a little reminder and help keeping their houses neat and tidy.

Favorite pins of this week…

This week, I also interviewed the lovely blogger from Small Bits of Loveliness and shared the controversy surrounding retouching photos.

Stay strong. Stay fierce. Stay beautiful.


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