Weekly Wrap-Up: What I’ve Been Loving

Hello lovelies! My schedule has been packed lately, so I’m definitely looking forward to a restful weekend after a long week. Today, I thought I’d share some of the miscellany I’ve been loving and using.


I like to stay updated with global events and news, but sometimes it can be too mundane and depressing. The solution? This e-mail newsletter satisfies my desire with quick, witty, sassy commentary on what’s going on in the world, in easy-to-digest snippets. I find this an efficent and enjoyable way to get caught up! And, Oprah’s a fan too.

Less Than One

This is a short film about the probability of “finding your match”. An interesting concept (especially with Valentine’s Day coming up) and I like how they made an online calculator. I’d love to hear your numbers!

Holiskin is hosting a giveaway! Enter for your chance to win a Blue Valentine’s Gift Set.

Another giveaway that should be on your radar is this one from La Mav. You have the chance to customize your own collection with any three of their products.

And, on the note of Valentine’s Day, I definitely related to Sonja’s post (who I interviewed here) about it. I feel like women at one time or another have felt the pressure to be in a relationship.

With Valentine’s Day, I feel like there is nothing wrong with celebrating love, it just feels as if the holiday has succumbed to marketing schemes.

I always love seeing bloggers collaborate, and recently Liz from Smells Like a Green Spirit (check out my interview with her) and Amber’s Beauty Talk shared their favorite posts from each other’s blogs. You should definitely check them out! I love the idea and am definitely thinking of doing it too.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: What I’ve Been Loving

  1. Thanks for the great tip on the Skimm Megan! Sadly living in a fast-paced society means I don’t always have the time to read newspapers/magazines like I used and the Skimm seems like a great way to get round that. I just signed up!
    Totes agree with on the whole Valentine’s Day hype. Even though I’m in a relationship (we don’t take this day very seriously…if at all actually! In fact, one V-Day a few years ago my boyf got me a Clone-A-Willy! Like how romantic is that!? Don’t ask me what it is, just google it!) I feel it’s become such a marketing gimmick and celebrating the beautiful and supporting women in our lives is a much better idea! Hope you have a lovely and restful weekend 🙂 xx

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