Weekly Wrap-Up: Full Speed Ahead

I find as the warmer months are flying in quickly, so have a plethora of projects and opportunies. So, to tackle all these tasks, I’m going to power through them with full force, full speed ahead.

I find I tend to work better when I go finish something from start to finish, vs. splitting it up into smaller tasks or dividing over a series of days. But that’s just me. How do you work the most efficiently?

I’m in love with the green beauty looks by natural makeup artist, Katey Denno, and from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar. It’s so great that they are breaking down the biases that green makeup doesn’t perform as well or give as polished of a result.

Get The Look – Citrine Natural Beauty Bar

A great philosophy to keep in mind, this post reminds you that your choices don’t have to be permanent. It’s all about venturing out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, amd giving yourself the flexibility to grow as an individual.

This week I posted my March beauty wishlist and shared some of the whosits and whatsits that have been getting me excited for spring.


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