Spring Beauty Trends

Usually I tend to avoid mainstream hype, but every once in a while I do take note of the trends going on, and try to adapt them to my natural beauty ideals. Especially since lately, au naturale with subtle enhancements has been popular.

Lazy Waves

I love how effortless and undone this style is. And, it’s easy to replicate without heat. All you have to do is braid your hair before you go to bed. Then, take them out in the morning, brush through, and apply a little styling cream. Voilà-trés chic waves.

Bare But Better

Following the soft, “I woke up like this” feel to the trend above, rosy shades and glowing from within complexions are having a moment. Seeing as this is how I prefer my makeup to be usually, it’s a great match.

To really keep your routine minimal and subtle, use a lip balm or salve for a soft highlight under the brows, along the cheekbones, and on any other high points of the face. It instantly elevates the face while keeping it from looking made up.

Try to avoid harsh lines, whether it be from strong contouring or drawn-on brows, the purpose of this look is to be blended and soft. It helps to evoke a sense of dreamy, ethereal, and unpretentious beauty.

Popsicle Lips

Bold, floral-themed hues are still blooming across lips this season, but a parred-down version with more intense color along the inner edge, but diffused around the outer edge is in. Think of the way your lips looks after eating a popsicle.

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