Weekly Wrap-Up: New Moon

Happy Friday everyone! I hope y’all, youse, and you guys have had an amazing week. I was definitely excited as it finally felt like Spring, with pinks and whites blooming around and cloudless, serene skies.

Today, also happens to be a new moon. Which is a great opportunity to start that spring cleaning or trying something new, like these lovely spring trends.

Did any of you get the chance, or are planning, to attend one of these amazing green beauty and wellness events? I’m definitely marking my calendar. It seems there has been a surge in events for the green beauty community, especially of late. Which makes me super pumped!

One small step for blogger, one giant leap for blogging. The gorgeous Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad fame has recently graced the cover of Vogue. Yes, the Vogue. She has been on a role lately, even garnering a Harvard Business School case study on her brand.

I’m headed to Washington D.C. and New York soon, ahh! To prepare, I found this post on packing for multiple climates and this one on travel skincare helpful. Also, #tbt (even though it’s not Thursday) to my travel essentials. Let me know in the comments if you want an update.

A beautiful brand interview with the founder of Uma Oils, which I’m definitely adding to my overflowing wishlist.

My Favorite Quote: “Keep your beauty rituals (and your life and thoughts!) uncomplicated, honest and natural. Whether it’s going back to using simply a washcloth and warm water for facial cleansing, or going to bed every night not ruminating over the day that passed – incredible beauty will find you, and stay with you through this practice of simplicity in your thoughts and actions.”

I enjoyed this handy jewelry stacking post. See how your knowledge stacks up (I’m sorry if that wasn’t punny).


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