No Poo, No Problem

A week ago, I decided to try a beauty experiment: going poo-free. This means I would only be able to wash my hair with water, no shampoo or conditioner. No lather, rinse, and repeat. I was definitely hesitant as my hair naturally leans towards oily, but it is also relatively low-maintenance and I was intrigued by the concept. I’ve always believed that the body has an incredible to heal and maintain itself, just as long as you treat it well. And this experiment fell in line with my philosophy.

Of course, the skeptic in me had to some preliminary research. I found this article and this one both advocating this method and giving an objective, detailed description of what it exactly entails. Here were my one results from the first week.


Day 1
Woah! My hair looks oily as I had feared. To try and help, I decided to massage my scalp and use a brush to evenly distribute the abundance of oil my hair was secreting.

Day 3
My hair has began to balance out. The scalp is a little stringier than I would like, but it’s nothing unbearable. And the ends of my hair are soft and manageable.

Day 5
I can’t even tell the difference anymore! I have been enjoying how shiny my locks have been and I definitely feel I do not get split ends as easily.

Day 7
Same as before. And to help with build-up, I’ve been giving myself stimulating scalp massages.


Around Day 4, others did notice something had changed with my hairs. Many asked if I had gotten a haircut or dyed my hair. I noticed that my hair felt more textured, which I don’t know is good or bad but I did benefit from this because it meant that my hair now holds a curl better.

In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive results. I am going to continue going poo-free for another week and will make sure to write an update.


8 thoughts on “No Poo, No Problem

  1. The only time I can get away with going poo-free is in the summer. Somehow the salty sea water conditions my hair and re-balances my scalp. I’ve tried doing “salt rinses” at home without any luck. It must be sea water or the hair will get even dirtier. (But of course, I haven’t tried soaking it in a bathtub of salt water…)
    My hair is on the oily side, and I do think going poo-free is easier for those who are long time users of natural and foam-free shampoos. But I can’t go three days without turning to dry shampoo haha

    Interesting to see how it works out for you 🙂


    • I’ve always been low-maintainence when it comes to hair (wish I could say the same about skin) and find I end up only shampooing every other day (around 3-4x a week). I also rarely use heat on it, though I’m interested in seeing how going poo-free will affect this aspect.


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  3. I’m ashamed to admit that I wash my hair everyday even though I know it’s bad for it! Something like this might be worth looking into! Can’t wait to hear how week two turns out!

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  4. wow! your courageous! I just can’t do that because i have a big think frizzy hair and i don’t brush my hair very often but i wash my hair at frequency 5 or 6 days, i don’t understand why people wash hair everyday.. Keep going, can’t wait to see the update 🙂 xx

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