Weekly Wrap-Ups: The Lengths I Will Go

Hey lovelies! Lately, I’ve been reading some articles about blog post length. I’m still trying to figure out what type of post format I think is most effective and enjoyable to read. So that is why I’d like to hear from you, the Dream & Scheme community: What do you think is the optimal blog post length?

In a couple of weeks, I’m headed to New York and Washington D.C.! I’m excited for sight seeing and getting the chance to watch a play on Broadway. I’m definitely eyeing Jade’s winter essentials to keep my skin supple, despite the drying conditions on the long flight and environmental elements.

With my exciting travels coming up in the horizon, I definitely found this recent post by No More Dirty Looks helpful.

These gorgeous soothing balms sound amazing as well! I  can’t decide which I want to try most, but the versatility of balms and the ingredients of these are wonderful.

Emma Watson is such an inspiring young woman. Check out some of her insightful advice on feminism.

I love petite-sized treats and this apple hand pies look delicious!

This week, I shared my thoughts and experiences from week one of the poo-free project. I also posted the second installment of my series, “The History Of…”. This time around, learn some new facts about eyeliner.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Ups: The Lengths I Will Go

  1. I personally have like a handicap, I can’t write short posts. Then we have the SEO-think, long posts equals more words which search engines like, and I’ve noticed that my longer post (preferably over 800 words) performs better. But it’s not like I’m aiming for a number, I actually wish I could be more brief in my posts haha

    I enjoy reading long posts – with that said, I prefer the blogger to post them once a week so I can catch up – but they need to be structured. Playing with different headlines and bullet lists will make it easier for the brain to process the information and make the reading more enjoyable and not overwhelming. It helps to have an interesting topic too 😉

    I’d say to just write the length that you feel comfortable with.

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  2. I personally don’t mind long posts as long as they’re interesting, well written and include pictures for visual interest. I try to keep my posts short without sacrificing quality. If I find a post is running two long I might break it up into a part 1 and part 2. And those hand pies look yummy!

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  3. Good question re:blog post length. I think it’s a personal thing at the end of the day but I did read somewhere that the optimal length was something like 600 words? That’s not a lot! I personally enjoy longer posts, especially when it comes to skincare as I want to know everything about the product being reviewed! The downside is that I don’t always have time to read lengthier posts which means it can take a while before I get around to reading them. Obviously being concise is never a bad thing so content should win out in the end but I do find myself preferring longer posts. Probably why I have a hard time keeping mine short! 😉 What do you think is a good length, Megan? Xx

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    • That’s hard for me, which is why I wrote this post to begin with. I’d say it’s dependent on the topic, but that there should be a balance. My Mom was into journalism, so she always tried to teach me to be as concise and efficient in my words as possible. However, my Dad loved writing and poetry. He showed me the beauty of flowery words and nuanced wordings.

      I find that word length isn’t my focus as much when I’m writing them, only after when I try and notice what people enjoy. But the results have been inconclusive, so I’m not quite sure. However, when I do write long posts, I tend to include more visuals.

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      • Well I’d say that you got the best of both worlds with your parents’ varying styles and I reckon it shows in your writing. Keep going as you are! I don’t think too much about length when I wrote either, it just naturally ends up being somewhat long! And that’s when I think I need to cut down 😉 Hence why I kept to mini reviews in my last post.

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  4. Love the links! Have an amazing trip, that’s so exciting! Can’t wait to see some photos 🙂
    I think medium blog lengths are good. I find sometimes I’ll write long posts but I don’t know that people are actually reading them….maybe just scrolling through the pictures. This is a great question, I’d love to hear what more people think about this. Big hugs, xo.

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