Wishful Thinking: April

Spring has officially bloomed and I’m counting down the days until my vacation. In the meantime, here are some of the products that have caught my eye.

As you can tell from my picks, my skin has been in need of some soothing and blemish treating.

Mountain Rose Herbs Facial Toner, Lavender, Willow, and Calendula
Boasting ingredients like the ones in its name alongside witch hazel, licorice root, and flower waters of rose + lavender, it’s pretty clear that what you’re putting on your face is top-notch. This sounds amazing for healing, soothing, and improving the overall condition of the skin.

Pai Copaiba & Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum
For someone like me, you take note when a coveted brand releases a product specifically targeted for blemishes.

This has been commended for its ability to almost instantly, and significantly, reduce the redness and size of blemishes.

It even has been praised for decongesting pores. And the best part, it can be used on sensitive skin as well, so expect serious performance, without any irritation.

Green People Age Defy SPF 15 DD Tinted Moisturiser
As the warmer months roll in, I tend to reach for more comfortable coverage. Whether I find my solace in a tinted moisturizer, BB, CC, or even DD cream.

With fellow bloggers singing its praises for delivering glowing (but not greasy) medium coverage that builds and blends like a dream, this has already left me swooning.

good4you Blemish Balm
Balms are versatile, healing treasures. They can be used head to toe and are very effective at treating a variety of ailments and concerns.

This particular one is specifically designed for trouble skin in need of some TLC. A gorgeous blend of ingredients like calendula + chamomile flowers, comfrey leaf, tumeric root, and tamanu oil help to aid the skin. And the price can’t be beat, especially for the quality.

Aromi Lipstick in Jacqueminot
How gorgeous is the packaging and hue of this true red lipstick? I love a classic red for its ability to instantly make any look seem more polished.


9 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking: April

  1. Such a lovely Wish list! That toner from Mountain Rose Herbs is calling my name. They have such lovely herbal teas too – have you tried any? I always add items to my shopping cart and end up not buying anything because of the exorbitant shipping costs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve sampled their Chai as it’s one of my favorite teas to sip. Which do you enjoy?

      Also, I can definitely relate. I am a serious online window shopper. I tend to watch products sit in my cart for far too long.


      • I haven’t tried anything from them – I add items to my cart, but when I see the exorbitant shipping costs, I end up not buying anything 😦


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