Which fan are you a fan of?

Which fan are you a fan of?

A Japanese aesthetic that values simplicity, minimalism, and subtlety.

This aligns with my own principles and preferences of beauty.

I have always been fascinated with Asian culture, especially the Japanese. For a long time, they were isolated from the rest of the world. But now, their rich traditions have started to be exposed to the Western world, including those relating to beauty.

“Asian beauty” has become one of the latest trends, with brands taking note of their ingredients (camellia oil is a lovely example) and innovative concepts (they popularized BB Cream, serums, and essences).

I thought I’d share a few Asian beauty products that utilize natural ingredients.

Chidoriya Secret de Maiko
A maiko is a geisha’s apprentice. Both have long been praised for their beautiful skin. This cream contains oils of camellia, rosehip, rosewood, and geranium blended with shea butter to create a softening, smoothing cream that helps keep skin supple, even against the elements.

Tatcha Polished Exfoliating Rice Enzyme Powder
Tatcha is a brand based on the beauty practices of Japanese geishas. The founder, Victoria Tsai, was inspired by a chance encounter with a modern-day geisha that would become her muse, and the discovery of a 200-year old beauty manuscript that explained how the geishas obtain their revered flawless complexions.

This powder uses gentle, but deeply cleansing rice powder and exfoliating papaya extract to brighten the skin and give a luminous glow.

Amayori Shower Mochi
Mochi are delicious Japanese rice cakes. There are many variations, but itiss often enjoyed as a sticky sweet. These shower tablets resemble this treat, and simply have to be placed on your shower floor for an instant, aromatherapeutic experience.

These would make wonderful gifts, and they come in five different tranquil fragrances: Zen Morning (blood orange, mint, and grapefruit), Geisha (bergamot, jasmine, yellow mandarin peel, and vetiver), Dreams of Gion (amyris, patchouli, yellow mandarin peel, lavender, and ylang ylang), Onsen (cedarwood, jasmine, and patchouli), and Kamo River (neroli, sandalwood, pettigrain, orange, amyris, and jasmine).

10 thoughts on “Shibui

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  4. I love this post. My fascination for the Japanese culture started with the book The Memoirs of the Geisha. I read re-read the book many times. Their makeup rituals were so awe inspiring. 😊 Camellia oil is one of their basic ingredients.
    Tatcha blotting papers are definitely on my list to buy.
    And thanks for reminding me about the fan. Need to get one before i fly on my tropical vacation 😊

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  5. Being half-Japanese I can’t help but love that you love Asian beauty πŸ™‚ I’ve had my eye on Chidoriya for a while now as well as Tatcha but was a bit disappointed with the latter when I looked at the ingredients list…not always the cleanest. I haven’t heard of the shower mochi before, sounds delish! I’m infatuated with mochi itself as food, always have been since I was a child so this begs to be looked into further! Great post Megan and of course I can’t help but be a bit biased πŸ˜‰ xx

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    • Yes, Tatcha’s ingredients definitely could be more pure. I’m planning on delving into research behind their ingredient choices more so. Also, mochi is a treat I’ve loved since childhood as well! And, aren’t we all a little biased in one way or another?

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