Weekly Wrap-Up: Calm

It feels sometimes like I am in the eye of he storm. A moment of calm, a moment of quiet, steady strength. Surrounded by a whirlwind of events and risks, you can’t help but feel stressed.

This is the state in which I have been in for the past few weeks as my schedule has gained speed and my to-do list grows. I’m by no means complaining, it’s just nice every once in a while to be able toto rest and relax, instead of rushing and stressing.

This morning I arrived home after a long flight departing from New York, and I am exhausted. A quick glance at the clock revealed it was 2 am. I had been running on empty fuel, with little sleep and time for stop. But the jam-packed trip was fun, full of laughter, inspiration, novel experiences, and good food. Expect a couple travel posts next week!

For those of you who are DIY fanatics (ahem, me…guilty as charged), I’m sure you’ve wondered about the benefits of salt vs. sugar.

Photo Courtesy: Style Scrapbook

I really enjoyed the artsy shots and idyllic beach scenes in this collection of photos.

This articles explores celebrity influence and symbolic self-completion: the idea that we purchase certain products to obtain, complete, or achieve our ideal selves.

This week, I also shared my fascination with Asian beauty products and aesthetic values.


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