Weekly Wrap-Up: The Price of Generosity

Treating myself to some raspberry sherbet.

I’ve met people who always expect something in return for every little thing. Whether it be for picking up the bill or throwing away your trash for you. As a child, I often thought like that as I was young and naive. But now, as I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize that generosity is not for self-gain, it is fully selfless and about extending your kindness to others.

You shouldn’t come to expect anything for these efforts. I began thinking of this as my friend was telling me how she “didn’t owe her sister anything.” The thing is, why must we repay every action or relationship? Why can’t we appreciate it and not see it as a something we can use to obtain even more? If everything had to be compensated for, how would we even be able to live, as that is a gift too?

I think sometimes we can be very egotistical and believe we deserve to have more. It gives us a superficial, short-lived sense of contentment. Until we want more. I think we have all been guilty of this at what time or another. But, maybe we should look at our purchases in perspective, with the mindset of long-term happiness. What will you enjoy for longer?

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to give someone something in return for an exuberant display of generosity, but we should never expect anything in return when we are the gift-giver.

Generosity is a trait, not a trade. It is not something we should need to pay for. So what exactly is the price of generosity?

Sorry for the deluge of travel posts for this week. I just went snap-happy on the trap and took a copious amount of pictures of all the wondrous sights. And of course, I felt like I had to share many of them here. Next week, I have a New York travel post coming up and then it’s back to more regime content.

Check out my D.C. discoveries, part 1 and part 2.


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: The Price of Generosity

  1. awesome wrap up! I definitely think generosity is something that should be done freely without expecting something back otherwise can you really call it generosity? I’m the kind of person who loves to give special gifts that will specifically fit the person I care for and I don’t expect anything. The gift is in the giving, you know? Why bother doing something nice if it’s only for gain? It defeats the purpose, in my opinion. thanks for the food for thought – have fun on your trip!

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  2. I love this post. I think expectations to receive something in return takes out all the joy of generosity, especially if those expectations are not going to be answered (most of the time).
    And thank you so much for sharing my giveaway!

    Liked by 1 person

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