Weekly Wrap-Up: Putting On a Face

Often, I feel like we have a million different faces that we put on in front of different people. Or that we become different people entirely. I know that the person I am with good friends and then complete strangers are drastically dissonant. With intermediate family and long-distance relatives. With young toddlers and older mentors in my life.

But these faces began to seem like masks, disguising what could maybe be my true self.

As this idea began to burn its way into my mind, I began to wonder whether this was more good or bad. For this case, I feel it is like yin and yang, a balance. There is bad within the good, but also good within the bad.

Now that I’m more aware of these sometimes nuanced, and other times blatant changes in my personality, I wonder if it’ll somehow affect them as well. Will I began to revert to a single face, one that all can see? But then again, their perception of me is based greatly on their own individual impressions. I have the power to change the way I portray myself to them, but there is little I can do to change how they choose to view me.

Sorry for this rambling food for thought post. Can you relate to feeling like you have a million different masks? I’d love to hear more thoughts on this!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: Putting On a Face

  1. I think we all respond to different people/situations very individually. I’m much more blunt and quick to make a joke in real life than I am through my blog and social media. I guess I feel like it may not convey the same way in written word. I also feel I act a bit different with adult friends I’ve made in the last few years vs friends I’ve known since my early 20’s. I have no idea why- maybe the latter already know my silly side so I feel I can open up more where I feel I have to be more “adult” with the others. In any case, I understand what you mean completely!

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