On The Testing Table

There are always seems to be a million different products that I’m hoping to get my hands. That’s why my wishlist is never-ending. Here are some of the lovely gems I’ve had the pleasure of trying recently.

Raw Skin Ceuticals BB Creme Foundation in W104

I picked this up during a recent sale at the recommendation of Sarita. It claims to give medium to full coverage and has been loved most for its matte finish, lightweight feel, and its ability to still look like skin.

I’ve only tried this out a couple times, so I don’t have too much to say. I’ve been playing around with different application methods (i.e. beauty sponge, dense, flat top brush, paintbrush-esque foundation brush, fingers…) as well as bringing out my inner mad scientist and experimenting by adding other moisturizers and oils for different finishes. For any that have tried this, how do you like to apply it?

So far, I really like how it makes my skin look more even and helps conceals my many blemishes. The shade match was really spot-on (something I was afraid about with ordering online) and it does indeed feel like you’re wearing no makeup.

I really admire how pure the ingredients are as well as the extensive shade selection (they have over 40 to choose from), which is not only impressive for green beauty, but also in general.

Lily Lolo Parisian Spring Collection

Lily Lolo recently offered to have me try out a couple products from their new spring collection. A full review is soon to come, so I don’t want to give too much away. But, let’s just say my introduction to the brand has been lovely. I’ve been trying out their Natural Lip Gloss in High Flyer and Pressed Blush in Life’s a Peach.


18 thoughts on “On The Testing Table

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          • Megan, i would say the coverage is medium. It isn’t meant to hide big blemishes but i can say one thing it doesn’t cause clogged pores, no blemishes (atleast for me ). I have been using this for more than 2 years. So it is has been my best companion.
            It is easy to remove. Not heavy at all on my skin. Feels like a thin veil. Finely milled. Longevity : therein lies the question. Over the period of time that i have experimented, if i layer my moisturizer and facial oil properly, it stays put the whole day. Or else it kinda fades off. However it doesn’t look patchy and most of all it the foundation mimics what you put underneath. So if there is a facial oil it makes the skin look glowy : not a greaseball. If there is nothing underneath it looks matt. Personally i like glowy. I found great success with it on my humid, hot and dusty Indian trip. It is winner in my eyes.
            I am on a bb/cc cream hunt though. Just to change things up. And i wish companies made more colours for the dusky population! Any ideas where i could start hunting for one.
            Love swapna

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            • For BB/CC cream, I like the Raw Skin Ceuticals one worn thin as it’s lightweight and has a great shade selection, but it is definitely matte.

              The tinted moisturizer from 100% Pure is one to consider if you don’t mind, or prefer, a lighter coverage and just want some evening out.

              The Beautycounter Tint Skin has also garnered some great reviews. I’m just wary of a couple ingredients and would do some research before trying it.

              It is difficult because there is a lack of these types of products on the green beauty market, and they usually have a very limited shade range.

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  3. YAY! I hope that you enjoy the foundation. Sarah is so great about color matching and finding your right shade–and there are indeed so many to choose from and such clean formulas too. When I’m going through bouts of breakouts, I really appreciate the coverage but also that it seems not to cause new breakouts. That’s huge. I have to moisturize really well before applying and lately I’m using a foundation brush to dab on small amounts at a time and then blending it in with the brush and a sponge applicator. You need so little to get good coverage! Let me know how it goes. 🙂

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    • Now that I’ve come tested this product out for longer, I find that I’ll usually will apply a hydrating facial oil beforehand, then I’ll apply the foundation using either my hands or a brush, then blend with the latter. I also find that buffing a clean kabuki brush over afterwards helps to smooth everything over. This foundation has been the least irritating on my skin. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

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