Weekly Wrap-Up: Lost in Thought

Six word memoirs written in chalk. What would your's say?

Six word memoirs written in chalk. What would your’s say?

Have you ever had one of those deep hour long conversations where it is just you and another person sharing your most vulnerable and candid state, without the need of any pleasantries?

The kind where both parties feel completely at ease and can open up about each other’s dreams, hopes, aspirations, believes, and passions. I recently had one of these with my father and it got me thinking.

What percentage of the 7 billion+ people in this world have taken the initiative to create a positive impact on the world?

Who else can relate to this one?

Who else can relate to this one?

I also realized, a majority of my thoughts are about myself. And from what I can tell, so are everybody else’s. Our world and how we view it does revolve around us. At least in our own perceptions.

And it planted an idea in my mind, what if I tried to change this? What if I made most of my thoughts focused on others and how to help them, how to address global issues, and how to help the environment?

Instead of having my thoughts be about what to wear, or about my own petty concerns, why not consciously turn my thoughts towards others? Is this how we as a population can begin to be more thoughtful, selfless, content, and globalized thinkers?

This week, I shared with a couple of products I’ve been testing and my review of Lily Lolo.

Thank you so much to the lovely Ashley from Dame de Rose for nominating me for The Beautiful Blogger Award! I’m honored and can’t wait to participate in the tag.

I enjoyed this witty post from Wild Organic Beauty. Who else can relate to having a million different lip for different situations?

I’ll have to try tip #5 as concealing blemishes is always a nuisance for me.


One thought on “Weekly Wrap-Up: Lost in Thought

  1. Amen to that thought where we can freely have meaningful conversations about making our community a safe place to live.
    I wish, we never had materialistic conversations – !
    I totally agree with you, selflessness is fast disappearing 😦

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