Weekly Wrap-Up: Miles to Go Before I Sleep

How beautiful are these floral macarons?

The words of Robert Frost summarize exactly how I’ve felt recently, trudging onward constantly until sweet reprieve. I’ve been busy nonstop, but I’ve definitely been grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish. Soon enough I’ll be able to finally have a break.

Natalie Portman’s Commencement speech at her alma mater, Harvard University, majorly inspired me. It was relatable and stimulating. She is such an intelligent, beautiful, and talented woman.

This Week…

I shared my wishlist for this month as well as a plethora of green beauty new releases and deals. Many of them are still going on, so check it out!

On The Horizon…

Next week, I’ll be posting my Beautfiul Blogger Award tag. I’m so excited to share some fun facts about moi and nominate some other lovely bloggers I admire!

I’ve gotten the amazing chance to sample quite some products, so expect reviews.

Speaking of beautiful bloggers…

I’ve fallen in love with a few green beauty bloggers recently, including:

Bare Beauty – Lovely posts with a focus on luxury beauty.

Naturbelle – Covetable product recommendations that leave me swooning.

Jessmeandering – An abundance of product reviews. Once I read through the bulk of them, my wishlist grew tenfold.

Would anyone like to see an updated blogroll?


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