Weekly Wrap-Up: Busy Bee

A water garden that I saw at an event recently.

A water garden that I saw at an event recently.

Recently, I’ve been a busy bee as the summer months approach. I have been caught up with testing new products, working on projects, and pursuing goals.

I also finally got a computer. I can’t wait to play around with it and harness its potential towards improving the blog.

This week, shared 7 facts about me as part of The Beautiful Blogger Award tag. And, one of the bloggers I nominated, Julie from Let’s Talk About Green, has already participated.

I also wrote about sun smarts. It’s the ultimate guide to being protected from the damaging UV rays. In it, I also debunk common SPF myths and fallacies.


This video poses an interesting concept. I’m assuming this is more correlation than causation.


The Beautician Embodied: 30 Day No Makeup | Darling Magazine
I found this article to be relatable and insightful. I definitely agree with many of the points made and felt that the authors’ beauty philosophies aligned with my own. I wrote a similar blog post here.

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