Raw Skin Ceuticals BB Creme Foundation

I wrote about this in my first On The Testing Table post, where I explained that I picked it up at the suggestion of Sarita. She always has a keen eye for picking out some of the best products, and I’d been on the market for a new foundation.

The ingredient list is the first thing that I check whenever I research a product, and this one was quite pure, with many healing, powerhouse herbs and oils:

Active SPF Ingredients: 8-12% Blend of Non-Nano Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide

aloe leaf juice*, rosehip seed oil*, mango butter*, hemp seed oil*, tamanu oil*, pumpkin seed oil*, evening primrose oil*, avocado oil*, cetyl-stearyl alcohol (coconut and palm derived)

proprietary vitamin C herb complex blend: chrysanthemum*, helichrysum flowers*, orange peel*, rosehips*, eyebright*, acerola cherry*, cleavers*, l-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) preservative blend: potassium sorbate usp, citric acid mineral oxides for color

*certified organic

Another aspect that caught my attention was its extensive shade selection, with over 40 to choose from. It’s broken up where there are 12 different shades for each undertone (Warm, Netural, and Cool). I thought that this range was not only impressive for a green foundation, but also compared to conventional options.


First and foremost, let me praise this products for its ability to feel like I’m wearing nothing.

The formulation is a bit thicker and drier, not what I expected from a liquid foundation, so I like to work fast.

To make it easier to blend, I enjoy mixing in a drop or two of a facial oil. Make sure that you moisturize well beforehand as well.

This is also a good trick if you’re the type who loves her some highlighting and skin luminizers, because the finish is definitely matte (but not deadening).

For this same reason, I’d recommend this foundation more for those with combination to oily skin types.

I felt like the color match was pretty spot-on, I was debating between W103 and W104. The latter I feel will be perfect for the warmer months when I get a bit more color to my complexion.

I was slightly hesitant with ordering online as I couldn’t find any swatches from any bloggers with a similar skin tone. But, they did have a helpful color wheel on the website.

Photo Courtesy: Raw Skin Ceuticals

Photo Courtesy: Raw Skin Ceuticals

Application & Coverage

Application can be a struggle, but it’s worth it for the results. When applied with fingers, the coverage is light, and perfect for if you prefer minimal makeup.

This is how I tend to apply it on my good skin days, or if I’m in a rush and what to look more awake in a pinch.

However, one of the greatest feats this foundation achieves is being able to be built up.

When applied with a flat foundation brush (the kind that resembles a paint brush), it’ll give you medium coverage, which I find to be suitable for everyday.

If you want fuller coverage, a dense, flat top foundation brush will do the trick. Just buff it into the skin, and voila. I find myself not reaching for concealer afterwards. And that’s seriously impressive for someone who struggles with acne and has the battle scars (a.ka. hyperpigmentation and acne scars) to prove it.

I feel that this foundation works the best with a brush of some sort as it helps to really work the product in and make sure it still looks natural, while providing coverage.

Longevity & Value

I would say this falls into the mid-range price category, at $25 for 1 oz. Though not the most affordable, it is definitely more reasonable than other natural foundations. I was able to pick this up on sale too.

My main gripe with this product is the nozzle. It takes awhile to prime the nozzle and get it to properly dispense. I don’t know whether this was just a fluke and I happened to get a faulty nozzle this time around, but that’s just something I noted.

Tips & Tricks

  • This product has a tendency to adhere to dry patches, so make sure skin is smooth and hydrated before applying.
  • I like spritzing a toner beforehand. I find that it helps the product to glide on more easily.
  • I like to buff it with a clean kabuki brush when I’m done applying a la Lisa Eldridge for a smooth finish.

Buy it from their website or on Abe’s Market.


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