Weekly Wrap-Up: Face Painting

Photo Courtesy: The Beauty Of It Is

Recently I’ve been fangirling over Katey Denno, a green beauty makeup artist who seems like such a lovely person.

And not only that, but her makeup looks are stunning. Some of my favorites include the looks she gave Cobie Smulders and Olivia Wilde.

They are such gorgeous women and I’m so ecstatic that their faces are sporting brands like Vapour Organic Beauty, W3LL People, Kjaer Weis, and Lina Hanson.

This week I shared with you some melt-proof makeup product recommendations. As well as my review of the Raw Skin Ceuticals BB Creme Foundation.

I was fascinated to discover that the native people of Kitava, a small island in the Trobriand Islands group of Papua New Guinea are virtually acne-free.

And, what’s even more incredible (and encouraging) is that scientists have attributed this to environmental factors and their diet, not genetics or increased levels of exercise.

Look’s like I’ll be incorporating more tubers (i.e. sweet potatoes, yam, taro), fish, and tropical fruits into diet.

I enjoyed reading this morning routine recently on Body Unburdened. There were a lot of great DIYs in it that I’m planning on trying soon!


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