Pure Anada

Pure Anada is a Canadian-based makeup company founded and formulated by Candace Grenier. Their products are cruelty-free and do not contain parabens, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, nano/micronized particles, carmine, lakes and dyes, and synthetic fragrances. And for those near Manitoba, Canada, Pure Anada has a flagship local boutique.

In addition to providing stellar makeup products, Pure Anada also gives back and supports a number of charities including Causemetics, Cancer Chic, and Compassion Canada.

(From left to right: Ecru, Dove, Burlap, Espresso)

Pressed Eye Color

These are all fairly pigmented and very affordable. And, there is a wide selection, from bright floral hues to cool-toned satins perfect for a smokey eye.

A warm, matte light beige color that works well as a highlight. I like to add it in the inner corner and center of the lid.

A soft grey eyeshadow with a matte finish. This makes a great base color for a smokey eye. I also like to mix just a tad bit of this with Burlap to fill in my brows so that it’s a cooler color.

A versatile, warm, matte brown. I think mattes work best for contouring and Burlap is such a great basic shade.

This dark brown, satin hue works well for transitioning a daytime look into night added to the outer crease. This is the most richly pigmented of the four and also works well as an eyeliner, just apply using an angled liner brush.

Liquid Foundation

This foundation tends to run darker as I usually fall into the medium shade range for most brands, but found that the lightest shade of samples (Flaxen Field) suited me best. I think that I would also like to sample Soft Wheat.

This has actually become my go-to foundation recently as it gives full coverage while still looking like skin. I’ve found the best way to apply it is with a brush of some sort. It gives a much more blended, polished look. When I applied it with hands, it tended to look more cakey.

In  terms of longevity, this foundation performed. I usually wear a foundation for 8 hours straight, and this held up. I even wore it when I was running (I don’t usually like to wear makeup when exercising) and my visage, though sweaty, still held up.



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