Forgotten Find: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette

Recently, I was looking through some of my discarded or rarely used beauty items when I unearthed this, the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette. I decided to give it a second chance, and through experimentation realized I needed a creamier primer.

The reason why I had stopped using it on the first place was because the colors were not what I expected based on the pictures online and I also was dissapointed that there was not a shade dark enough for me personally that I could use as a liner. It turns out, that though they seem more dry and sheer, they can easily be built up.

According to the website: This Pretty Naked Palette will make you look gorgeous, naturally. Soft, neutral tones that will enhance and beautify without making you look too made up. 100% Natural, nourishing formulas packed with antioxidants, vitamins and beautiful colors from pigments of fruits, seeds, flowers and vegetables.

In the swatches below, I applied only one sheer swipe of color without any primer.

Left to Right: Lumines

Left to Right: highlight powder, blush, and eyeshadows

Pink Champagne Luminescent Powder
I use this mostly as a highlight in my inner corners and on my cupid’s bow. It’s a very pretty, subtle powder that instantly brightens my eyes and face.

Pretty Naked Powder Blush
I feel like this didn’t swatch as well as I’d have liked. In person, it’s slightly more pigmented and is just a flattering, more neutral shade.

Left to Right: Flax Seed, Toffee, Chestnut

Left to Right: Flax Seed, Toffee, Chestnut

Flax Seed, Toffee, and Chestnut Eyeshadows
I would say these have a slight shimmer to them, but they still remain natural-looking. I use Flax Seed for my base/lid and Toffee as a contour.

Chestnut searched dry (left) and wet (right)

Chestnut swatched dry (left) and wet (right)

I was actually surprised that Chestnut has become the one I enjoy the most of the three. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery brown with silver and copper undertones. I love it even more when wet; its beauty really shines through then.

In the end, I’m happy I decided to give this palette another go and love how this can be used for soft, subtle everyday makeup that enhances your natural beauty. And the purity of the ingredients is outstanding.

You can purchase on their website or from Lulu’s.

10 thoughts on “Forgotten Find: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette

  1. I love when I rediscover beauty products or clothing I own already! I used to really love 100% Pure, but it’s been ages since I’ve used any of their products. My fave used to be their mascara – have you tried it?


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  3. they seem subtle, but in the best way possible! I’ve been eyeing this brand for a while now! I’m trying to wait until they have a sale because I have a pretty long wish list haha!


  4. Hmm it’s hard to see the colours in the pictures. But they do look like nice shades. I will have to try 100% pure next time I need eyeshadow. Currently l’m loving my Sappho Cosmetics eyeshadow & have them living in their magnetic compact.


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