Weekly Wrap-Up: In Other News


Thoughts & Musings…

A lovely reminder from Darling Magazine that you are not your mistakes. We should always be trying to improve ourselves and reflect on ourselves, our goals, our priorities, and relationships.

However, we shouldn’t be so critical that we let our mistakes define us, and continue to-long after they have already become irrelevant. Forgiveness and willingness to learn from mistakes are truly what will help you to succeed.

In The News…

Yesterday, the FCC finally voted on net neutrality. What are your thoughts? Is this going to be an improvement, or are the rules that were voted on to begin with flawed? Here’s a helpful post that follows the debate as if it were a conversation.

According to a study conducted by UCLA, diversity, something lacking in Hollywood, is what audiences are looking for. Do you think that this is more a correlation or causation?

How impressive is this woman? All of her trash from the last two years can fit into one mason jar. What’s sad, is that many people would struggle to fit their trash from one day into a container this size.

There are some great tips on ways to reduce your own waste and put some more sustainable practices into action. (Plus, her outfits are adorable.)


And check out Sarita’s helpful in-depth post about greenwashing (here’s some background information on it) that provides some solid resources and information. Always check your ingredients!


Holiskin Organic Toner

Spring Skin Discovery Kit (Kind Eye and Spa Heroes)

Goodebox February Prize Package

This week, I shared with you some very exciting updates in the green beauty community and my review of the 100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette (let me know if you’d like me to update this post with better swatches).


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